Saturday, June 13, 2009

BPS Students Offered 70 hours of free ISEE Prep

The Boston Latin School Alumni Association has long funded a program called the Exam Schools Initiative. The program is by invitation only to 1,000 Boston Public School 5th graders only, based on scores on the MCAS and Advanced Work tests.

This year they will be offering 70 hours of free ISEE test prep at Boston Latin School starting in July and ending just before the test in November.

Of the 1,000 students invited, they will have seats for approximately 350 students. These are some of Boston Public Schools best and brightest students, many from the highly regarded Advanced Work Program.

These 350 students will have a huge advantage over other ISEE test takers this year.

If Latin School feels that the best and brightest students from BPS need almost 70 hours of ISEE prep in order to get into the exam schools, then clearly we have been onto something for a while!

We have found that hands down the BPS Advanced Work students are the best prepared students we see coming for ISEE prep. The curriculum these students are taught is more advanced than any other program we have seen in the area (public, private or parochial).

Boston Latin School invited 463 students in 2009.

We expect that next spring there will be a big change in the composition of who is admitted to the exam schools.

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  1. I know that I needed a lot of help to prep for my tests. I'm glad there's a place that gives help to those who are taking these tests. Some of them are really hard, and it' important to get a good score. It makes sense that you might need a tutor for these tests.